Chillers & Heat Pumps

ARY product ranges combine aesthetic & attractive design with versatility to satisfy any application need, from large office buildings to shops and residential applications.

ARY Water Chillers

ARY chillers offer you a cold water management system at an affordable price. ARY chiller is a fully
automatic pumped water circulation system that can cool any tank of water to a “user adjustable
temperature (min. 5 deg. Celsius)” (capacity: specified by customers). Once the set point temperature is achieved, the ARY chiller unit automatically switches off. ARY chillers have been designed by reputated Engineers. With many years of experience in the Heat Pump and Chillers technology. The most of the parts of our Products is from INDIA, US and UAE. Our Product is assembled under the guidance of the Qualified Engineers.


ARY Heat Pumps

(Which can chill and Heat Water with Same Unit) “ARY HEAT PUMPS” are specially designed as per GCC climatic conditions. A highly energy-efficient pool Heating and Cooling solution, which saves 20%-25% electricity consumption from other Heat Pumps,
with a simple cost-effective design with various models and premium features, there is sure to be “ARY” pool heat pump perfectly suited to your needs.


ARY Chillers and Heat Pumps

Heavy Duty Tropicalized Compressors (Made in USA)
Integrated Centrifugal Circulation Pumps ( Made in Spain)
Copper Tube/Aluminium_finned Air Cooled Condensers
High Efficiency, Stainless Steel Brazed Tube Heat Exchangers
Heavier Frame Construction epoxy powder coated
Standard Refrigeration Gauges on all 15 tons & Above Models