Fuji Cool Chillers

For Individual Flats, Hotels, Villas, Buildings, Swimming Pools, Labs Laundry Machines, Infections Moulding Machines, Plastic Industries, etc. Every summer, most of us have to deal with hot water coming from our cold tap. Overheat or roof top water tank insulation or shading does not yield satisfactory results as the water from the desalination plant is already at 40°C or above in high of summer. Fuji cool Chillers offers you a cold water management system in your home at an affordable Fuji Cool Chillers is a fully automatic pumped water circulation system that can cool a 10,000 gallon tank of water to a “user adjustable” temperature.

Once the set point temperature is achieved, the Fuji Cool Chiller Unit switches off automatically. The Fuji Cool Chillers has been designed and developed by a reputable USA company, with many years of experience in the heat pump technology, to operate in Harsh Middle East condition.



Fuji Cool Chiller can:

  • Produce over 200-gallon cold water per hour.
  • Be installed In the garden or roof.
  • Be Easily Installed by a plumber and an electrician to an existing water storage tank or a reservoir.
  • No need for a specialist Refrigeration Engineer.