Fencing Manufacturer in UAE

Fin Making

Our fin press can punch 48 rows at a time, which is the high range of fin production in the region. We can produce 4 to 20 FPI as per the customer’s request. Our fin press is of European origin which has the latest technology and enables double progression plus 400 strokes per minute. This gives very fast production and remarkably reduces production time and enables quick delivery service. We provide fins which are high standard in quality having v-waffle, louvers, straight-edge and corrugated edge positions in order to obtain maximum performance. Our draw type dies are specially designed to produce straight collar and reflare positions fins which gives a very high level of heat transfer.

Heat Exchanger, Fencing Manufacturer In UAE

Manufacturing companies have a very important role in development. These manufacturing companies manufacture a variety of products which are used in various fields. They make and build products and objects that are not available in the world. Arabian Source Manufacturing L. L.C. is one such company that is specialized in manufacturing and manufactures many products. Our manufactured products are very rich in quality and can be used for a very long time.

Who are we?
We are a professional group of people working in the manufacturing industry for a very long time. We have been in the industry for a very long and have gained a lot of experience in those years.We are the fencing manufacturer in UAE made with the best quality materials. For making quality products, we have installed new technology and equipment to make the products faster and better. With such equipment and quality products, we have become the best heat exchanger manufacturer UAE. We have over 175 employees working with us and each of them iswell trained and experienced workers. Since they have been doing the work for so many years, they have become very fluent in it and now can manufacture completely error-free products.

Our manufacturing services
Our company, Arabian Source Manufacturing L. a very trusted manufacturing company and we have a lot of clients who are using manufactured products. This is because we focus more on the quality of the products and then anything else. There are many fencing manufacturer in UAE, but people prefer us over others because of our quality services and products. Be it a laborer, wormer, or any employee of the company, we make sure that our highly trained and experienced for doing the job. We also aim to become the best heat exchanger manufacturer UAE with our top class manufacturing services. If our clients have any inconvenience with our products, then they can contact us to get the problem fixed.